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Phyllis's Closet

I Was a Fairy Godmother

By Anne Seelman

           Last year I had the great fortune  to assist a student with choosing a gown for the Senior Ball from Phyllis’s Closet.   In a school year filled with exciting and fulfilling events and activities, I say with utter sincerity, that this was a standout, highlight moment.  My young lady looked through the gowns and selected a couple to try on.  She actually liked the first one that she tried, and was so excited to have found a gown for this momentous event.  She took the gown home and her family not only approved, but came up with the idea to add some lace to embellish it and make it more personal. 

            It gave me such pleasure that I really wanted her to feel like she was Cinderella floating off to the ball, or a star heading down the Red Carpet!  It was my personal wish to offer to provide jewelry and an evening bag, but she got these items from family members. To help her record the evening, I got her a disposable camera, with the promise that she would bring it to me to have developed. I gave it to her in a gift bag, and added some scented lotion, with ribbons and tissue paper. When I returned the photos, I asked if she wanted to show them to me.  We had a lovely time as she reminisced and re-lived her special evening through her pictures.

            Everyone wants to feel special, and being a part of Phyllis’s Closet sure did that for me.  I felt dear Phyllis , our own fairy godmother, smiling down on us.

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